Diversity Monitoring - Household Occupations

Guidance for answering the question What was the occupation of your main household earner when you were aged about 14?

Selection Description
Prefer not to say Prefer not to say
Professional Modern professional and traditional professional occupations such as teacher, nurse, physiotherapist, social worker, musician, police officer (sergeant or above), software designer, accountant, solicitor, medical practitioner, scientist, civil/mechanical engineer.
Manager/Administrator Senior, middle or junior managers or administrators such as finance manager, chief executive, large business owner, office manager, retail manager, bank manager, restaurant manager, warehouse manager.
Clerical/Intermediate Clerical and intermediate occupations such as secretary, personal assistant, call centre agent, clerical worker, nursery nurse.
Technical/Craft Technical and craft occupations such as motor mechanic, plumber, printer, electrician, gardener, train driver.
Routine Manual/Service Routine, semi-routine manual and service occupations such as postal worker, machine operative, security guard, caretaker, farm worker, catering assistant, sales assistant, HGV driver, cleaner, porter, packer, labourer, waiter/waitress, bar staff.
Long-term unemployed Long-term unemployed (claimed Jobseeker’s Allowance or earlier unemployment benefit for more than a year).
Small Business Owner Small business owners who employed fewer than 20 people such as corner shop owners, small plumbing companies, retail shop owner, single restaurant or cafe owner, taxi owner, garage owner.
Other Other such as retired, this question does not apply to me