The top 100


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Eklavyasingh Aulum University of Mauritius
Ashfaq Ally Bakerally Curtin Univeristy Mauritus
Jaykishan Ballea University of Technology Mauritius
Bhumika Kushboo Beeharry Leeds Beckett University, Mauritius campus
Renushka Boyrangee University of Mauritius
Nasra Chinnarassen Leeds Beckett University, Mauritius campus
Seesurn Dhivia Curtin Univeristy Mauritus
Ibrahim Anees Emambuccos University of Mauritius
Tuan (TESTING) Le Aberystwyth University, Mauritius campus
Manish Ramful Curtin Univeristy Mauritus
Ivynash Ramgoolam Curtin Univeristy Mauritus
Nasrul Rusnaully University of Mauritius
Sanaa Soobratty Curtin Univeristy Mauritus
Diksha Sukhoo University of Mauritius
Cheryl Venpin University of Mauritius